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  • EPR for Packaging & Paper Products: Policies, Practices, & Performance

    This seminal report from PSI provides guidance for stabilizing and modernizing fragmented U.S. municipal recycling systems that have strained under the weight of major market disruptions. The report outlines problems faced by U.S. recycling programs and how extended producer responsibility (EPR) programs in four Canadian provinces have increased packaging recovery and recycling, reduced contamination, and […] More

  • Improving the Adhesion Strength of Polypropylene Nonwoven Laminated Fabrics Using Low-Pressure Plasma

    Osman Gazi Armağan, Burçak Karagüzel Kayaoğlu,Hale Canbaz Karakaş, *Fatma Seniha GünerFaculty of Textile Technologies and Design, Textile Engineering,*Department of Chemical Engineering, Istanbul Technical University,Istanbul, Turkey Corresponding author:E-mail: AbstractIn this study, the adhesion strength properties of laminated polypropylene nonwoven fabrics treated with low-temperature, low-pressure, radio frequency argon plasma were investigated. The change in wettability was […] More

  • How scuba divers are turning ocean waste into COVID face masks

    Scuba divers are recycling plastic bottles into face masks amdist COVID-19. Diving organization PADI is using ocean plastic to make face masks. Across the world, makers are turning plastic waste into PPE. One group invented a device to avoid picking up the virus from door handles. A group of scuba divers have come up with […] More

  • An alliance to give new life to plastics

    Launched by the European Union, the “Circular Plastics Alliance” (CPA) aims to bring 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics into the EU market alone by 2025. Over 170 organisations (industry, academia and public authorities) have joined this challenging initiative dedicated to plastics. Versalis, Eni’s chemical company, is among the signatories of the declaration of the alliance, which aims to increase […] More


    Industrial Post Polypropylene granules from production waste, white, unloaded, suitable for the production of sanitizing soaps for the toilet. Technical features: MFI: 28-30 at 230°/2.16 Kg. (ISO 1133) Density: 0.93-0.94 gr./cm3 (ASTM D792) Flex module: 1100-1200 Mpa (ISO 178) Izod at 23°: 6 KJ/m2 (ISO 180) Filtering: 150 microns Color: White Smell: absent Packs: BB or […] More

  • Tubex and Unilever reveal new Rexona packaging containing PCR

    29 JUNE 2020Expand Unilever has teamed up with German Aerosol can manufacturer Tubex to develop and manufacture its new Rexona Recycled Refreshed antiperspirant product. The new can consists of a patented aluminium alloy and 25% real post-consumer recycled (PCR) material. Tubex says that the use of alloy and a slight change in shape makes Rexona Recycled Refreshed 14% lighter […] More

  • Bottled Rainwater Eliminates Plastic Packaging

    Richard’s Rainwater, claimed as the most sustainable bottled water company on earth, eliminates plastic bottles in favor of glass and aluminum packaging. Rick Lingle 2 | Jun 24, 2020 The sky’s the limit for Austin, TX-based Richard’s Rainwater, a 100% sustainable, naturally captured, pure rainwater that’s captured before it hits the ground. The water is free […] More

  • Recycled Polypropylene Filament for 3D Printer: Extrusion Process Parameter Optimization

    Herianto1, S I Atsani1 and H Mastrisiswadi2 Published 1 January 2020 • Published under licence by IOP Publishing LtdIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, Volume 722, 3rd International Conference on Engineering Technology for Sustainable Development (ICET4SD) 23–24 October 2019, Yogyakarta, IndonesiaDownloadArticle PDF Abstract The presence of recycled plastic materials for the 3D printing process expects that the production process will be more […] More

  • EarthSuds Wilfrid Laurier University

    OVERVIEW MEMBERS DISCUSSIONS At EarthSuds we aim to replace the 5.7B plastic cosmetic bottles that are sent to North American landfills every year. We’ve created the world’s first single-use dissolvable tablets of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash that don’t require plastic packaging! It’s shampoo, no bottle. At EarthSuds we believe that products should be made […] More

  • Plastic is Essential According to Vatican News

    Masks, gloves, shields but also medical equipment and food packaging… The coronavirus pandemic has marked the resurgence of plastic, which we have been trying to reduce so far. The advantages of this material are undeniable, but its use requires appropriate management. Plastic, one of our main allies in the battle against the coronavirus? “We are […] More

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