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  • 2021 is already giving me emotional whiplash. How do I deal?

    2021 is already giving me emotional whiplash. How do I deal?

    Get the latest from Ask Umbra every week Subscribe to Ask Umbra Q. Dear Umbra, Every time I feel hopeful about the state of the world, a terrible news story knocks the wind out of my sails. How do you deal with good news/bad news whiplash? — Out Of Focus A. Dear OOF, The world […] More

  • Is The Mayo Clinic Diet Effective?

    Is The Mayo Clinic Diet Effective?

    When it comes to dieting, people do it for different reasons, from losing weight to adapting healthy eating habits and more. There is always an end goal aided by a specific diet plan that should be followed carefully to the end. You would want to know if a diet specifically delivers what it promises within […] More

  • A coral reef underwater, with clown fish swimming by.

    14 billion a day and we don’t know where it ends up

    This water causes diarrhoeal diseases that kill 800 children every day, mostly in India, Afghanistan and Congo To limit the spread of disease and reduce environmental pollution, human waste (excreta) needs to be safely contained and effectively treated. Yet 4.2 billion people, more than half of the world’s population, lack access to safe sanitation. In […] More

  • Soil can remove air pollution and regulate climate change

    Soil can remove air pollution and regulate climate change

    Soil bacteria can play a key role in helping to regulate climate change, according to a new study published in the journal Nature Microbiology.  In natural environments, most microorganisms in the soil are not growing and instead exist in various dormant states. Researchers at Queen Mary University London analysed these microorganisms and found that over […] More

  • A print from the 1870's of the Pliocene landscape with graphics representing wind on top

    Climate change could take weather patterns back to the Pliocene

    Get your daily dose of good news from Grist Subscribe to The Beacon The West Coast drinks from the wind. When westerly gales carry humid air from the Pacific Ocean into the Sierra Nevada and the Cascade mountain ranges, the West turns green, orchards blossom, and reservoirs swell. When those westerlies deflect to the north, […] More

  • Quiz: Which Iconic Winter Animal Are You?

    Quiz: Which Iconic Winter Animal Are You?

    Answer seven questions to see which iconic winter animal channels your inner self! Read more amazing winter blogs! DONATE! The post Quiz: Which Iconic Winter Animal Are You? appeared first on The National Wildlife Federation Blog. This article was written by Ben Menchelli More

  • Credit: Markus Spiske from Pexels

    Environmental Defenders: Filling The Legal Vacuum

    Protecting the environment from human activities is more dangerous than ever and rightfully gains increasing media coverage – now it is time for the law to follow. Numerous NGOs and media organizations, such as Global Witness and The Guardian, conduct extensive research and reporting on the killings and human rights abuses of environmental defenders. Even […] More

  • Milford Sound from the sea

    Why Aotearoa New Zealand’s early Polynesian settlement should be recognised with World Heritage Site status

    Such a project would promote traditional knowledge and intercultural dialogue, pride and understanding at local, national and global levels Aotearoa New Zealand likes to think it punches above its weight internationally, but there is one area where we are conspicuously falling behind — the number of sites recognised by the UNESCO World Heritage Convention. Globally, […] More

  • A crew member plants a tree in a degraded habitat.

    The National Wildlife Federation Blog

    If 2020 was a year of reckoning with all the problems facing our nation, then 2021 is the moment to embrace the bold, brave solutions we need. The issues Americans face—the COVID-19 pandemic, its resulting massive unemployment levels, climate change, racial injustice, and a biodiversity crisis—are interconnected and need action now. Here are the National […] More

  • Why Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court would be a climate disaster

    Drilling and mining companies got a holiday gift from Trump

    For a limited time only, some of America’s protected lands are open for heavy-duty industrial development. The Trump administration has made it a priority to open vast stretches of U.S. lands to mineral extraction projects. Over the past four years, at least 10 million acres have been leased to oil and drilling companies, turning formerly pristine […] More

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