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  • An alliance to give new life to plastics

    Launched by the European Union, the “Circular Plastics Alliance” (CPA) aims to bring 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics into the EU market alone by 2025. Over 170 organisations (industry, academia and public authorities) have joined this challenging initiative dedicated to plastics. Versalis, Eni’s chemical company, is among the signatories of the declaration of the alliance, which aims to increase […] More


    Industrial Post Polypropylene granules from production waste, white, unloaded, suitable for the production of sanitizing soaps for the toilet. Technical features: MFI: 28-30 at 230°/2.16 Kg. (ISO 1133) Density: 0.93-0.94 gr./cm3 (ASTM D792) Flex module: 1100-1200 Mpa (ISO 178) Izod at 23°: 6 KJ/m2 (ISO 180) Filtering: 150 microns Color: White Smell: absent Packs: BB or […] More

  • Building Back The Circular Economy

    The global pandemic has given the world a rare chance to reflect and rethink its actions. It has given an opportunity to reverse the damage we’ve done to the planet and building back the plastics circular economy will be a crucial part of this. Doing so however, will require an overhaul of how businesses approach […] More

  • Researchers Made Transparent, Breathable and Biodegradable Face Masks Called ‘HelloMasks’

    Melissa Castellanos / Jun 10, 2020  / Medical Researchers from the EPFL’s EssentialTech Center and the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology have developed a better alternative to the standard surgical face mask – an almost completely transparent, breathable, protective, biodegradable and recyclable face mask. They’re appropriately called HelloMasks as facial expressions will finally be seen and they are […] More