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Donella Meadows Quotes || Inspiration to implement Sustainability in Life

Motivation is always essential for us to keep on track, especially when the aim we have is a challenging one. Therefore, let us be in touch of some of the finest thinkers and get some motivation for the Week.

In this new Series, Every week You will get great thoughts of pioneers in the field. Stay tuned for interesting short videos!!!

About Donella Meadows:

Donella Meadows (March 13, 1941 – February 20, 2001) was an American environmental scientist, educator, and writer. She is best known as lead author of the books ‘The Limits to Growth’ and ‘Thinking in Systems: a Primer’.
She was one of the most influential environmental thinkers of the twentieth century. After receiving a Ph.D in biophysics from Harvard, she joined a team at MIT applying the relatively new tools of system dynamics to global problems. She became principal author of The Limits to Growth (1972), which sold more than 9 million copies in 26 languages. She went on to author or co-author eight other books.

She has great contribution in the System Dynamics development and Sustainability Studies.


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