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Plastic Jacket

Plastic Jacket
(Digital video, 6 minutes 33 seconds)
Commissioned by Green Man

Influenced by the 2019 Green Man Artist Residency and experiences from the COVID-19 indoor isolation period, Plastic Jacket collects first-hand and found content together, following research into subterranean networks and microclimates around the Black Mountains.

Contrasting microclimates in close proximity can encourage the co-habitation of organisms that wouldn’t usually exist near to each other. Plastic Jacket echoes the unusual pairings that microclimates offer through collaging imagery and sound, imagining what may coexist below the surface.

Plastic Jacket features GIFs, sounds and clips, looping content that relates to experiences of the COVID-19 indoor isolation period: researching the outdoors indoors; attempting to feel connected to nature and people by endlessly scrolling through web pages and apps; growing and feeding algorithms; searching for links among seemingly unconnected digital artefacts.

The resulting work combines abstracted rhythms and narratives to explore the relationships between ourselves, technology and the natural world.
All credits goes to Gweni Llwyd

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