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  • Plastic Matrix

    Plastic Matrix

    Plastic Matrix is a durational performance piece by Ellen Ogawa, in collaboration with Lydia Muijen. The work was performed at Gastatelier Leo XIII, Tilburg (NL), 2020. All credits goes to Ellen Ogawa More

  • Plastic Shredder/Plastic Waste Recycling System

    Plastic Shredder/Plastic Waste Recycling System

    Have one shredder to solve it ALL. Bulky Plastic waste including purgings, left-overs, flashes, tops and tail, can be size reduced into 40mm uniform particles. All credits goes to Wiscon Envirotech Inc. More

  • Milk Plastic

    Milk Plastic

    Learn about a sustainable, biodegradable alternative to plastic that’s made with milk––and learn how to make it at home! All credits goes to Weber County Library More

  • plastic bag

    plastic bag

    Just for you. We always stand on your side to match your need. The plastic bag can allow to work with different request. Hope you can like it. #bag #plastic #screws #fasteners #tycoonsgroup Tycoons Group Screws Page Youtube Facebook IG Twitter Pinterest Viemo LinkedIn All credits […] More

  • Fused Plastic!

    Fused Plastic!

    Ms. Alexandra, our Maker Shop Coordinator, shows us how to make fused plastic. All credits goes to Knock Knock Children’s Museum More

  • Plastic Toy Story

    Plastic Toy Story

    Found plastic toys can tell us about the oceans. All credits goes to Alex Bamford More

  • Plastic FIsh

    Plastic FIsh

    I have made a short animated film to highlight the problem of plastic pollution. We waste lots of plastics in our daily life. This film shows how our consumption​ of plastic products eventually affect​o us. According to statistics, which is shown at the end, the animation delivers the message; not only the overuse of plastics […] More

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